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“The team of Rachel and Will were really pleasant to work with.  I loved their support and even though we had tons of things to clean up, they were always very patient and walked things through step by step.  I would highly recommend them.” -Simon C.

“Rachel you rock! Wouldn’t go to anyone else! Highly recommended!
Thank you Rachel & Will. You’re the best!” -Sinclair J.

“We’ve been using Wright Accounting for 4+ years. Really helped us transition from our long-time in-house bookkeeper and got us trained in QuickBooks in short order. Works well with our longtime CPA which is important.” -Bob J.

“Rachel is accessible and very knowledgeable. She specializes in complicated tax and entity situations. As an attorney i would recommend her to all my clients. Personally she is down to earth and easy to communicate with and takes the stress out of accounting and taxes.” -Kathy L.

“Rachel and her team have been our go to accountant/bookkeeping squad for almost ten years through three different companies. The quickness and efficiency we see is unparalleled especially for medium business entities LLC’s or S Corps such as ours. She has the skills to work on several of our entities and projects at one time. For those who suffer a paralysis of analysis such as we did, she also helps business people see the greater picture when the small stuff seems to get in the way. She also is ethical and responsible in getting the proper deductions and is well versed in tax law, so that we have been ready for an audit should that arise.

This past year alone, (and there have been other successes) she amended faulty tax returns from a former CPA and justified it for 2016 and 2015 to see a whopping 20,000 plus tax credit noticing income was stated inappropriately. She also has the ability to be cheerful and a good listener as does her staff, a welcome reverse from a blunt,dole, un-cheerful tax preparer(s) of the past. They will work tirelessly for you (seven days a week at times) and show up when the proverbial s*** hits the fan in your business or personal life.

Do not hesitate. This is a good one, and they will honor their appropriate pricing.” -Kevin W.

“Thank Rachel and her team! I contacted her for some tax advice about our business in France. It’s really nice to be able to go to one person and get all the info you need to take a business decision. Her answer was fast and she gave some new info I never heard of before, even after working with a layer and another accounting for more than 10 years on that matter.

Fast and professional, I love it! Again, thank you!” -Didier R.

“Rachel was able to meet our tax deadlines AND clean up the mess that a previous (crooked as they come) CPA left us grappling to resolve. She saved the day…and prevented me from having a heart attack. I can’t recommend her enough.” -Wilfred H.

“Rachel came highly recommended and I am so glad I called her! I was even happier when I found out her husband, William, was capable of  (and excelled at) cleaning up the mess that several other bookkeepers created in QuickBooks. They respond very quickly (almost immediately), always follow up to make sure whatever task I am handed gets done, and they are funny too! Rachel and William are thorough and fast at teaching me shortcuts that would have otherwise taken me hours to complete. Not to mention, they are worth WAY more than they charge! I feel confident that the books are done correctly when these two are working on it. Their emails, texts and phone calls always brighten my day. I actually look forward to doing any accounting work instead of dreading it. This team has far exceeded my expectations!” -Brittany A.

“Rachel does a fantastic job!! She is always a pleasure to communicate with and is quick to respond to our questions. We are in the process of refinancing our house and every time our lender requests another verification form Rachel is very expeditious with our requests. Would highly recommend her to other potential clients.” -Edward C.

“Great knowledge and experience. Excellent customer rapport. Goes the extra mile for ideas and suggestions. I highly recommend this company!” -David E.

“I’ve been working with Rachel for over 6 years at three different companies. She possesses great financial acumen and is an excellent bookkeeper, tax advisor and general accountant. I would be happy to recommend her to any prospective client.” -Tim V.

“I came to Rachel with a couple of years of unfiled state and federal taxes. Needless to say I was scared. Rachel looked through my paper and made sense of it all. She asked some hard questions, but in the end it was worth it. I’ll be using her for my taxes from here on out. She’s definitely a cut above the rest.

I would highly recommend her to anyone.” -William B.

“We  needed a person that was excellent with QuickBooks, to help  with a conversion out of Great Plans. We found her to fit the bill. She was professional and did exactly what she said she was going to do.” -Rick F.

“Rachel always makes things simple and is very nice to work with. Thanks for helping us out.” -Bill B.

“Rachel and her team do great work. They are knowledgeable with QuickBooks, and have been very helpful and responsive every step of the way.” -Peter M.

“I’m so glad I came to Rachel!!!! My bookkeeping was a disaster, I doubted it could be fixed but she did more than what I expected. She went out of her way to save me thousands on taxes and ended up getting a grant in school!!! Thank you Rachel!!!!!!” -Fernando R.

“I was in desire need of help with my accounting and transferring my data to a new accounting system. I reached out for help to multiple CPA’s and bookkeepers that said they could help, but nothing was ever accomplished except receiving a bill.  I took a chance and called an ad on craigslist for some help to Rachel, All I can say is WOW! We talked on a Thursday and by Monday morning my accounting had been transferred and hosted on a server that all my employees could access remotely from anywhere. On Monday morning, she was at my office at first thing in the morning training me and my staff how to use the new system. I finally see the light at the end of the tunnel to accomplishing this huge project.  Rachel and her staff are extremely responsive to help trouble shoot any issues that come up at any time.

Thank you Rachel, I finally feel that my company is in the right hands now!” –Chris A.

“Every time I meet with Rachel, I can’t help but think that I’m so glad I hired her.  Her services are so important and I don’t have the time or expertise to handle them myself. She is very knowledgeable, friendly and professional.” -Dan H.

“Having to deal with taxes is normally the most uncomfortable ordeal on the planet, finding  a decent accountant next to impossible.  Now that Rachel is taking care of all my accounting I can actually sleep. Very professional, reliability is phenomenal and customer service “The Best”.” -Herb S.

“Rachel has been professional, helpful, kind and helps me understand what I don’t know. I’m grateful for her and the fact that she’s in business. I would definitely suggest her to help everyone else too with their bookkeeping needs. Thanks Rachel!” -Suzee S.

“My company was looking for a talented and knowledgeable bookkeeper and we were lucky to find Rachel Wright.  Rachel came on board and immediately helped to better organize our QuickBooks system, regulate our inventory and appropriately established the chart of accounts.  Rachel is honest, trustworthy and sincere about wanting to help your business succeed.  We highly recommend her services.” -Mary J.

“I usually dread tax season, but not this year!! Rachel is super efficient, reliable, and so accommodating! She is wonderful to work with and as a small business owner she has made my life so much easier!” -Win K.

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